our first call

Today we got our first call. A birth mom wants to interview us tomorrow! We are excited, but maybe not for the reasons you think.

At CPO, birth moms are encouraged to interview as many couples as they want to. The decision to place your baby is a huge one and no mom is ever pressured to make that decision quickly or without enough information. This means that it's completely possible that nothing will come of our interview. However, one thing that we can be 100% sure of is that when we interview we will get to meet one of the courageous women that CPO is helping. We will have an hour or so to get to know her and have her get to know us. We will hopefully get to spend that hour showing her the love of Christ and pouring encouragement and love on her. And we are SO excited about that prospect!

As of right now, we aren't feeling nervous. I'm sure it will all hit me just before the interview. I'm never one to feel things right now when I could put off feeling them until later (it's the Scarlet O'Hara in me). Probably tomorrow around 6:10pm I'll be losing my mind trying to figure out what shirt will look best on Skype and wishing that I had actually made that appointment to get my hair cut, but no use fretting about it now. This is just the first of many steps that will lead toward new relationships and expanding our family.

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