preschool graduation

I submit that there is no finer free entertainment than that to be had at a preschool graduation. Or really any school performance.

P graduated from Pre-K last night. He is officially on his way to kindergarten. And boy, did he ever go out with a bang. He spent the first half of the program waving his hands in the air like an airport ramp agent on too much coffee and the last half posing as a t-rex in various states of life (t-rex resting, t-rex preparing to hunt, t-rex attacking his prey, t-rex realizing that his arms are too short to eat said prey, it was a scintillating reenactment). I exaggerate, but only slightly. Between all of the arm waving and t-rexing, he managed to look adorable singing "the whole world in His hands" with a gusto only possessed by people under the age of 10.

All in all, it was yet another satisfyingly hilarious school gathering. At one point a boy roughly the size and shape of a barber pole (blue jeans, white shirt, and all red on top) was shaking his handbells so hard and with such determination that I was sure he was going to tumble headfirst into the crowd. And later a tiny girl covered from headband to sparkly shoes in vibrant pink recited the Ten Commandments with a severity and volume that would have done Jonathan Edwards proud. I'm sure I wasn't the only person in the crowd taking stock of my sins and considering confession. As if the entertainment and opportunity for soul searching wasn't enough, they ended the night by serving us dessert. Specially made ice cream sandwiches, full of creamy delightful goodness. Free.

I tell you if haven't been to a preschool graduation recently, you're missing out. So grab your nearest 4-year-old and get thee to the auditorium. Or better yet, come with me to our next one. I'm not sure I should face the little pink girl on my own with all of this hyperbole on my conscience.