changing and we didn't even know it

Months ago, Joe asked me to make him a special treat for his birthday: Coca-cola Cake. This cake is probably the richest, most delicious chocolate cake that I have ever tasted, but it's definitely a cake that you want to share with a crowd...a large crowd. That makes it perfect for birthdays.

With Joe's birthday almost here, I was looking over the recipe so I could pick up any ingredients we didn't have. As I went though the recipe, I realized I had almost NONE of the ingredients on hand. I called Joe to let him see if he still wanted the cake and he said, "You know, I've been thinking about that and I think I'd rather just have a fruit pizza." I had to laugh.

A few months ago I was so frustrated and felt like making positive changes to our eating habits was going to be impossible. If I cut out all of the "bad" stuff, then what were we going to eat? And if you know Joe, then you know that boy can eat! Today we're living without processed sugars, white flour, pre-made foods, and have limited dairy and meat, but I really don't even notice until I pull out a recipe I haven't made in a while and realize that we don't have the ingredients. It's so encouraging to see how much progress we've made in eating better, healthier foods and to realize that making the changes to our diet really wasn't so hard after all.


simple joys

Monday, today we are on good terms.  My wheat bread rose high and came out deliciously chewy. Our yogurt is thick and creamy (for the first time in 4 months of making it!). And the chickens laid three eggs this morning, two of which I'm pretty sure are double yolks. These are the things that make a day good.

So, thanks Monday, I'll see you next week :)