yardwork: the garden fence

Tomorrow we start tackling the wilderness that is our backyard. Joe has spent the last year working on getting the lawn back into shape. He started by clearing out all of the debris and trash that the former owners had left behind and then seeded the whole yard. When my parents visited last summer my dad and Joe fixed the old irrigation system so we no longer had to water by hand, but that was about as far as we got with the backyard that first season. This spring we've spent most of our time working on the front yard and now that that area is mostly in hand, we're starting in on the back again.

First things first, we needed a fence to divide the part of the yard where the chickens and dog run free from the part of the yard that we've devoted to growing our garden. I've always loved gardens circa 1776...you know what I mean, gravel pathways dividing beds of flowers, herbs, and veggies surrounded on all sides by a picket fence. They look a little something like the picture below. Give me a sunhat and I'd be in heaven.

Unfortunately, our yard won't accommodate this beauty...but we're making do. We have a large sideyard on the south side of our house that gets just the right amount of sun to grow the best fruits and veggies. We planted a small garden there last year that did very well and this year we're hoping to expand the area.

The first step is getting up a fence that will keep the chickens from eating all the new plants and the dog from digging up their roots (it doesn't hurt that it will be aesthetically pleasing also :D). So, tomorrow we head out to the hardware store for our supplies and hopefully by tomorrow night we'll have the fence up and ready to go.

After the fence is up, we'll have to decide how much we want to develop the garden this season. The area is about forty feet long and ten feet wide, so ideally we'd end up with two 4' wide garden beds on either side with a 2' wide gravel path running down the center, but these things take time and money to create so we'll see how far we get.