well, hello there...

Spring...the season where all kinds of dormant energy suddenly comes to life. We've been spending our energy on the following.

Landscaping the front yard...so far we've planted an herb garden and some pansies and salvia.

Dreaming about extending our backyard patio using this as a guide...maybe later on in the summer

Planting onions and carrots and making plans for the rest of our garden (hopefully, it will go in this weekend)

Killing potatoes. I don't like to speak of it. Let's just say, I'm not a potato farmer.

Seeding, fertilizing, and watering Trying to coax our lawn back to life, definitely a slow-and-steady-wins-the-race process

PAINTING! Our bedroom walls are done, but we still have to paint the trim and doors and nice bright white.

Refinishing a thrift store dresser for our room, I'm thinking of doing it ombre like this post.

Making yogurt from this recipe. I'm still tweaking it though. I let the yogurt "age" for a full 20 hours last time (oh hush, google says it's safe), but I might make it an even 24 on the next batch since it was still a little runny. We mix it with jam and oatmeal for breakfast and use it as sour cream on tacos, potatoes, etc. So far, it's all been delicious!

This weekend we had big plans to finish up our veggie garden, but with rain forecast for the greater part of tomorrow and Sunday, we might be out of luck. Plan B is to head out to the Habitat for Humanity ReStore and do some perusing. I really want to make something out of a door (art, table, coat rack, who knows??) and pick up some new hardware for the dresser we're refinishing. Here's hoping we get lucky and find something amazing!