it's spring!

Today it really felt like spring.

Today I turned over dirt and watched the earthworms squirm away from my shovel. I pulled plants out of their little plastic prisons and set them free in the big wide world I call garden. I said a little prayer as I tucked their roots deep into the mud and smiled at the sun that was shining for what seemed like the first time in forever. Today it felt like spring.

I think it was fitting that today was also Easter Sunday, the celebration of life conquering death, and planting my spring garden seemed like the perfect way to celebrate.

We're doing a lot of growing around here lately. The chickens have quadrupled in size and live outside full time now (a welcome change, since the spare bedroom was starting to smell like a barnyard). We built their coop using these plans and the girls seem to really like it. We technically have too many chickens for the coop, but they're still small enough that is doesn't matter. However, once they reach full size we'll have to build a second coop or sell a few of the chickens. Time will tell if I can part with one or two of them (we have a buff orpington who's on my hit list currently; I truly believe that she is the reason chickens have a reputation for being unintelligent). For now, the girls spend most of their days roosting in the coop or wandering around the yard taking care of our weed problems. I love free labor.
Forgive the iphone pic
River is also huge these days. She's almost a year old and probably full-grown at around 35 pounds. We're still not sure what "breed" she is (not even the vets can tell us), but we've heard rumors that the groomers might be able to help out and since her winter coat is a shaggy mess, we'll probably take her down there this month and see if they can shed some light on her origins.

I'd go on, but the final thing we're growing is bacteria (i.e. yogurt) which is a finicky process requiring my full attention at this very moment. If you'd like to grow your own, check out this recipe.

Happy Easter!