twelve by 2012: update

Here's an update on my 12 by 2012 goals list:

crossed out = completed
italics = in progress

1. Paint the bedroom...we only purchased all the supplies six months ago

2. Complete our bed, building and finishing

3. Take a Christmas picture as cute as this one and this one and actually SEND IT.

4. Make at least one more batch of pear vanilla bean jam.

5. Celebrate Christmas with handmade gifts and wrappings.

6. Crochet this scarf for myself in that deep blue yarn I've had sitting in the yarn basket for a year.

7. Try at least three new vegetarian recipes. Any suggestions?

8. Make a date with myself for coffee/lunch on a Saturday. Take a journal.

9. Make these rolls the "real food" way for our Thanksgiving meal.

10. Roast and freeze the pumpkins from our garden for pies and cookies. You should try this method, you'll never go back to canned pumpkin again.

11. Find the perfect "quiet" spot in the house for morning devotions.

12. Bake a batch of pumpkin chocolate chip muffins. Enjoy every bite!

I'm feeling pretty good about these. I've accomplished six of them and have two in progress. The only ones I'm not sure will get done are the two biggies: painting the bedroom and finishing our bed. I always get caught up in thinking that I need hubby's help to get the big ones done, but by the end of the day or on weekends he's so busy with upkeep on the house (i.e. raking leaves, winterizing sprinklers, etc.) that there really isn't time to add my to-dos to his list. Just gotta get up the courage and tackle those big projects myself. Here's hoping I manage to do that before January 1, 2021 rolls around.

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