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Slowly, ever so slowly, over the last two years Joe and I have been moving toward eliminating all processed food from our diet. We do have some hold outs though. Condiments are the worst. I suppose I could give them up all together, but what is a sandwich without some mustard or bbq chicken without Sweet Baby Ray's? I know there are fillers in there, but it's just so darn good. And remember this has been a two year long process, maybe by year three I'll be making my own mustard and whipping up delicious bbq sans modified corn starch...or maybe by year four...Sweet Baby Ray's is that good.

Today I wanted to share a few articles that I found recently on eating real food, or clean eating. I found them very informative and really enjoyed putting a name to what we've been doing for the last few years (our clean eating journey started because I would look at something at the store and say to myself: "Self, we could so make a less expensive, more delicious version of that at home."). These articles were very informative and the writer has lots of suggestions for other books/movies to check out.

100 Days of Real Food: Real Food Defined (The Rules)

100 Days of Real Food: 100 Days of Mini-Pledges (I'm hoping to do this soon!)

Finally, I'll leave you with a recipe I'm dying to try out...if only I could get one of the grocers to identify kale for me ;)

Baked Kale Chips

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