diy: shutter table

This weekend I accomplished a goal. I built an entire piece of furniture in one afternoon. Every time I start a project I think: "This will be a piece of cake." I can picture exactly how everything should fit together and work, but it never does. Take our bed for example...the bed that we started in July that is still waiting for the final two pieces of trim to be attached. Fortunately for us, the trim doesn't affect the structural integrity of the bed, but still why isn't it finished?

That's why completing this little project in one afternoon was such an accomplishment for me. Now if I can only keep up the momentum and get it painted before next weekend rolls around. :)

Putting the table together was super simple. Like I mentioned before, we had picked up this shutter closet door from the ReStore for free (they were moving and needed to get rid of inventory). I didn't want my table to be the full length of the shutter so I used a jigsaw to cut it in half just above the thick middle crosspiece, which gave my table some nice finished ends.

Then I cut aprons (the long pieces that are underneath the table and attach to the legs) from a scrap piece of 1x2 and used the Kreg Jig to attach them to the spindle legs. Finally, I used another couple pocket holes to attach the frame to my shutter and...viola! complete. I can't praise my Kreg Jig enough becasue it makes getting a project perfect so easy! And all of my screw holes are hidden out of sight which makes finishing that much simpler too.

I had a couple of concerns about using a shutter as a table top. Namely, that nothing would be able to sit flat on it. However, because I used a shutter that was never meant to be opened or closed that actual surface is pretty flat and doesn't move at all. So far I haven't had any mishaps with setting glasses or picture frames on it, so here's hoping. If it gets to be a nuisance I can always get a piece of glass cut to size to cover it. But for now, it's the perfect little free project.

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