diy: shutter apron rack

Remember this little image? Check out number three because it's about to become something very cool. :)

Behold the apron rack...made from that little ol' shutter. I. Love. It.

This was another project on my Pinterest to do list and it was so easy. The paint color is actually John Deere green spray paint from Lowe's and I picked up the extra knobs from Restore for a couple bucks. After a few coats of spray paint, I drilled holes for the knobs, attached them, and hung it up on the wall. I'm so happy to have my aprons out again (I thought I had lost them in the move, but it turns out they were just hiding in one of the kitchen drawers...phew, that was a close one).

That wall of the kitchen/dining room is now finished! And just in time too...I only have about sixty-five other projects going on and just one week to finish them in.

Here's what I'll be up to...

Building these $10 gallery shelves for the kitchen, buffet area, and living room (mine are shorter, so I'm actually building seven of them for only $30!!)

Making two of these mail/key/general junk organizers to hang side-by-side in the entry...we have a lot of stuff to organize :)

And finally, using this picture as inspiration to create my first two strictly-for-fun art pieces. Can't wait!

Pictures to come...assuming I finish them all today like I'm planning. I better get to work!

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