diy art: geometric painting

 The last two weeks I have been tackling a ton of projects for our house trying to get everything more "finished" before the holidays get here. Most of my projects have been coming from Pinterest (what did I do before we had this wonderful thing??). I originally saw this pattern on a painted rug and loved it, so when I found a couple canvases on sale for 50% off, I decided it was time to try one of my own.

Here is my inspiration image, found here:

All of these geometric painting projects start pretty much the same way: pick your pattern and get out the painter's tape. The hard part with this one was getting everything straight. I chose to run my tape all the way across the canvas and then cut out the pieces that I didn't want in the design. That way all of my squares were exactly aligned. You can check out the original rug post for more hints about getting this particular design perfect.

After the taping was finished, I got ready to paint. I used this tutorial as my guide for how to get almost no bleed through. Unfortunately, I found it after I had already taped and wasn't able to paint my whole canvas white before taping. I did put a coat of white all around the taped areas before painting it with my colored paint. Painting with white first is supposed to minimize bleed through since the white paint will be the one that bleeds through and should, ideally, seal up an spaces you missed between the tape and the canvas.

After painting with white, I put three coats of colored paint on, letting the canvases dry for 30-45 minutes between coats. A little bit of my blue did bleed through onto the white, but I took a white paint pen and corrected anything that was too obvious. All in all, this was a simple, cheap, and fun project :) I love the finished product!

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