donut love

Donuts are my favorite breakfast junk food, so when I first started seeing recipes for baked versions I was all ready to jump on the bandwagon and go to town. Unfortunately, I soon realized that I was going to have to invest in yet another baking pan if I wanted to enjoy these bad boys. In our tiny apartment kitchen I just couldn't justify taking up space with one more pan I might only use a couple of times a year.

I hadn't thought about baked donuts again until last week when I was browsing a local thrift store and came across a donut pan in almost new condition for only $3! I snatched that baby right up and brought it home to my new house-sized kitchen (complete with plenty of storage for superfluous baking pans). I had big plans to whip up the perfect batch of Saturday morning donuts, I just needed the recipe. I ended up coming across this post on Tastespotting with a list of a bunch of donut recipes. I used the Vanilla Cinnamon recipe, but substituted wheat flour for half of the white flour. The glaze was the perfect added touch. Mmmmm.....

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