the mason jar picnic

I first saw this idea on The Bright Life, a blog my sister recommended to me (Katie is one of her friends from college). Considering how many empty mason jars I have floating around the house right now...is it canning season yet?...I knew it would make for the perfect Sunday afternoon picnic. If only an opportunity would present itself, because let's be honest, who has time to picnic when you're painting, and building furniture, and painting, and cleaning, and painting, and hanging doors, and did I mention painting (I do not lie, if I have to wash one more roller I'm going to lose it...ok, maybe I exxaggerate a little...). But fortunately we have a great group of friends from church who all get together once a month to do something fun and this month was, you guessed it, A PICNIC!

So last Sunday, even though it was threatening rain, we all braved the weather and went for a picnic at one of the many local parks. I remembered my mason jar plans at the last minute while blowdrying my hair decided to go simple and only pack my main entree in a mason jar (turns out Joe only remembered to pack the main entree period, but that's another story). It was fun, quick and cute. Not to mention delicious. The only thing that was even a little bit irksome was that I used quart jars and they were a little deep for the pasta salad dish I chose to put in them. A slightly smaller size might have been better.

Try this yourself with all those mason jars you may have rattling around...you know, since the peaches and pears aren't ripe yet and canning anything but peaches and pears is a sin (or maybe those are just the only fruits I have experience with...it really could be either one).

P.S. Raise your hand if you wish your garden was actually ready for harvesting and you could make this whole pasta salad out of it? I can't be alone. :)

P.P.S. No plastic baggies or utensils were used in this picnicing venture which makes it a reuse and recycle picnic. Check this little guy out for some future fun. He carries all our picnic wares and stores handily on a shelf in the garage. Big smile.

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