the summer cycle

I'm blog-failing. This could be remotely related to the fact that I'm house-failing right now too. I don't remember which one of us thought that it would be a good idea to throw "buying a house" into the busiest, most-full-of-travel spring that we've ever had together, but I like to think it was Joe (I would obviously never make a decision like this on my own...obviously).

Although I could be exaggerating about the busiest spring we've ever had, since there are a few weeks in the middle of 2008 that I'm fairly sure I blocked out...moving, wedding, Maine, China...oh wait, and then there was 2009...moving, internship, college graudation, Fort Collins, moving, Oregon. So, what I really meant is that this spring/summer is bussiness as usual...moving, wedding, GSAC, college graduation, Russia. I think I'm beginning to notice a cycle. Except this time I don't have a landlord to bug when my garbage disposal gives me its two weeks notice (the resignation letter sounded something like this...nneeeeeeeeeee). Thank God for Google and allen wrenches.