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We're buying a house! That is, we're buying a house once the water heater is fixed so the appraiser can get out there to confirm that yes, this home is indeed a smokin' deal (as our realtor likes to put it). This process has been a whirlwind and I've already learned so much. But in all of the phone calls and faxing and digging into the last two years of files to find that tiny piece of paper that the bank wants, I've put blogging on hold. To be honest, all I really want to talk about right now is all of the projects that I can't start until we've got the keys in our hands. Impatience is plaguing me.

I'd post pictures for you all to see, but I was too late. These days when I try to go peak at the old MLS listing all I get is this message: "This listing is no longer on the market."

Is it wrong that I visit a couple times a day just for the thrill of realizing that we're the reason that house is no longer on the market? It's almost as good as the feeling I got when our realtor called and told us that we had beat out ten other offers. Now if I could just move in...

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