never too busy for vinaigrette

Life out here is b-u-s-y. Really, busy. And when I get busy the first thing to go is food. I forget to make grocery lists, I never cook dinners. I'm busy...hadn't you heard? Joe is a hero and always jumps right in to pick up my slack (I think he's done the cooking two out of the last three weeks), and while he takes over on food, I sit in the living room researching all of our big decisions: "Joe, Google says that this is a very bad idea!". So, that's Joe and I in the midst of busyness and change. He cooks and plays along with my mania (since he's misguided enough to think that Google searches shouldn't factor into major life changes). I research...and forget to grocery shop.

This busyness cycle usually leads to being inventive in the kitchen. Which sometimes leads to us making better choices. As in, who knew that you could do without salad dressing for weeks? Not me. Today I finally realized we were out and whipped up this little delight. Chalk another one up to the usefulness of canning jars.

Making this vinaigrette was so easy, I had to roll my eyes when I started to consider how much money I've spent on store-bought (and factory-packaged) salad dressings. It took about five minutes to dump all the ingredients together and I only got one dish dirty. Not to mention that I no longer have the moral dilemma of what to do with perfectly good glass salad dressing bottles on the days I don't feel like driving fifteen miles to the recycling plant. Double win!

Here's what my vinaigrette is made of:
1 part balsamic vinager
3 parts olive oil
3 garlic cloves
Italian spices to taste
dash of salt and freshly ground pepper

Next time, I think I'll use our pomegranate vinegar and grapeseed oil to mix things up. Delicious and absolutely free since I always have these ingredients on hand.

P.S. That little greenery peeking in the right corner is George. He's a spider plant. He's so huge that he's taken over the dining table and I'm pretty sure we're going to have to get a bigger house just to keep him around.

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