composting...OR... I did this in 15 minutes last sunday and you can too!

I have this thing about trash. It grosses me out....on a deeply disturbing level. This is a pretty recent development. I mean, I never enjoyed trash and it was always clear from long before I said "I do" that Joe would be solely responsible for handling all garbage situations (and I would be solely responsible for cleaning toilets, just so you don't think our marriage is unfair ;). But in the last year, trash has topped my list of most disgusting things out there.

I remember the first time I realized that it took centuries for a disposable diaper to decompose. I was appalled. I know it sounds dramatic, but we're talking more than 100 years (450 years according to the EPA, and this estimate is for marine decomposition, not decomposition in a landfill). It took me all of five minutes to realize that the diapers I used as a baby are still out there, filling a land fill, and will be long after I die. G-ross. I don't even have kids and I spent weeks doing cloth diaper research (I personally, love these little lovelies). Put me on the waiting list.

After being inspired by this zero-waste family in California, I've been looking for ways to reduce our everyday trash, especially how to make recycling and composting a possibility in our limited-space apartment life. Is composting even possible in a little apartment? After reading an article on small space composting over at Planet Green, I started to think it was.

See, I had this old white plastic trash can for which I had no use, but I refused to throw it in the dumpster since it was still very funtional (even if a little grungy from it's former occupation). It just sat in our backyard 8x10 rectangle behind our house with nothing to do. So, after reading the Planet Green article, I decided it was just right for a tiny composter.

I grabbed the grungy white trash can, flipped it over, and started drilling (I used a bit that's meant to drill bolt holes, nice and big).

Once all the drainage was put in, all that was left to do was flip the trash can back over and fill it with composting ingredients.

Pre-made compost, to get things started.

Dry matter (dead leaves, paper, etc) and organic waste (potato peels, fruit rinds, weeds, etc)

Now I just have to sit back and watch it grow decompose.

My favorite part of the project was when I discovered that my new composting bin fit perfectly under our diy-ed gardening/grilling table. Delightful.

P.S. Yes, that is our Christmas tree stand on top of the table. Joe is notorious for "leaving things out to dry" and forgetting that he did. I'm notorious for sitting back and letting it happen (and photographing it to share with everybody).

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  1. Love this post! Guess it is time I made a composting bin or maybe that is what you can give me for Mother's Day.