kitchen gadgets: muffin cups

Here is my favorite new kitchen accessory! These little silicon muffin cups are so simple to use and easy to clean up that I want a dozen more.

As self-proclaimed lover of all things muffin, the fact that I hate (detest, can't stand, and generally roll my eyes at the thought of) muffin pans has been a trial. I would make muffins once and then the pan would sit in the kitchen for days soaking and waiting to be washed. A veritable hotbed of bacteria and general grossness. But days of soaking was the only method that would get the thing semi-clean. I know, I know, you're thinking "doesn't a regular paper baking cup elminate this problem?". And, no, it doesn't because I'm messy and constantly spill batter all over my pan. And while I know that there is probably some batter-pouring tool out there that could have solved my problems, my muffin pan had already suffered the effects of too many burnt-on-food episodes.

Enter the above muffin cups. I LOVE them. Not only are they super easy to clean, they are super easy to fill since you can just grab one and hold it over the bowl while you spoon in the batter. They even hold their shape perfectly while baking, a litte tidbit that I had my doubts about before I tried them. And, unlike their paper counterparts, these little cups don't stick to your muffins/cupcakes at all and leave a beautiful, crinkly ring on the bottom, something I could never accomplish before. Not that it's my goal in life to have perfect muffin bottoms, but I have this thing about waste and when you practically have to eat the paper too just to get the bottom of your muffin out of the cup, that's taking things a bit too far.

The one downside is that these bad boys are a little spendy compared to your regular old $5 metal muffin pan. I think I paid about $10 for six of them at a local kitchen shop called The Pot Rack, but if you go online you can pick up a 12-pack for about that same price. And while you're there why not grab some of the minis and maybe even these fancy-schmancy square ones too? Just don't go crazy when you see that there are triangles too. I need to stop shopping now. 

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