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Now that our bedroom furniture has found homes and the guest room is semi-in shape (after all I did hang two whole pictures up and rotate the bed), I'm moving on to obsessing over what I want to put on the two huge white walls in each room. I'd show you a pic but my hubby has the nice camera for the day and the travel camera is MIA so I'm fresh out of options.

My first thought was to put together a picture collage. I've always loved the ones John and Sherry have over at Young House Love, especially the one that was up in their old guest room and later nursery (you can see it here on their first house tour, just scroll down to the after photos of the dining room/third bedroom/nursery). I also really like this one from The Design File.

I love the way it uses different colors and styles of frames as well as canvases and doesn't the little green guy on the bottom right look like a print placed right on the wall? The frame/canvas/print fusion gives it a really cool dimensionality that you wouldn't see in a normal all-framed collage. The only problem with this design is that it's all art and I really think I want a mix of diy art pieces and photographs.

Of course, I could always ditch the artwork and go just with frames. This empty frames collage has been in my "to diy" file for a few months now.

I love the clean, simple feel of it especially with the color contrast and it would really pop on my uber-white walls. It also helps that I could make this project from the growing pile of 1x2 scraps currently stored on the floor of my guest bedroom. Did somebody say something about two birds and one stone?
Ana-White.com has some awesome barnwood frame plans, that would make the whole project a cinch.

I'm still not sure though. I'll probably end up with a mix and match of both these ideas, some empty frames, some art/photography, and maybe even a little guy like this in the mix.

Isn't he cute?

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