Hiding White Walls: Fabric Wall Art

White walls, what a plague! But most of us at one time or another in life will be renters, which means that we'll be stuck trying to bring some spice to boring old white walls. Now don't get me wrong, I love the bright airy feeling that some well-placed white brings to a room, but having every wall in your home the same shade crosses over airy and starts playing with institutionalized (think hospital or 1990s public school). Our living room seems especially white to me and I didn't help it by choosing neutral greens and browns for most of my furniture and decorations. So, I set out to find some art that would bring a little excitement to our over-the-tv corner. And when I saw this print, I just knew. Then I found it in the remnant pile for less than half-price. It was love.

Our couch is reading a super muddy green in this picture, but in reality it's more of a forest color (and oh so comfortable) and the fabric, while having a lot of the same brown undertones, wasn't so matchy that it simply blended in without adding anything to the room.

I left the fabric on the couch for a few days to see how it liked the room. I still wasn't sure what to do with it until I ran across this tutorial at How About Orange and this one at Make It and Love It. The idea was perfect for showcasing my fabric.  I couldn't wait to get started.

I chose to go with the How About Orange method, since this was before my building days. I picked up the canvas stretcher frames for a great deal at our local craft shop and went at them with a mallet and a staple gun. Here is the result:

I really love the elegant feel of long panels and these two were perfect to fill up the wall above our tv. I even had enough left over to make something else...more art, a pillow, who knows...it's still in the scrap pile upstairs. Until next time.

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