Do-It-Yourself Weekends

While I might be DIY obsessed, my husband is not. He humors me and rescues me when I'm caught between a rock and a hard place a miter saw and some pallet boards. But building furniture or making homemade cleaners is not his idea of a relaxing weekend. So we compromise. This week I left my hubby a honey-do list with a twist. I listed out five DIY projects that have been living on my after-the-holidays list for months and asked him to rate them 1 to 5 from "this will be great!" to "say, what?". Hopefully, we'll accomplish his top two choices on Sunday when we're both off together. And maybe I'll do the other three Saturday when it's just me at home. What did I tell you, I just can't enjoy life unless I have something to do.

Here are the two project Joe picked to tackle on our day off together:
1) Re-building the tabletop of our dining table. Our current tabletop is tiled and the novelty of that wore off a long time ago (can you say never-ending dirty grout? Ew.). Fortunately, thanks to the amazing Ana White and my beautiful Kreg Jig , Joe and I should be able to build a brand new top for less than $20 in just a few hours. Lowe's here we come!

2) Joe's second pick really surprised me, since he was voluntarily choosing to clean and reorganize our bedroom. Why is it that the rest of your house will get cleaned regularly, but your bedroom never seems too? Well, hopefully that will no longer be true after this weekend of moving things around and trying to create some organizational and storage solutions. Wish us luck!

And here's what I will be doing Saturday and Monday while I'm on my own (since I work with schools, I get an extra day off this week):
1) Building this sewing table from Ana-White.com, which will also be able to double as a larger dining table for us when we have family in town.

Post image for A Sewing Table for Small Spaces

I'm picturing a nice big tablecloth to hide the shelving in the middle and strategic seating so that no ends up banging their knees while sitting down to dinner. This picture doesn't really do the table justice. I'll have to post pics of it once I'm finished for you to really get the full effect.

2) Heading out our local ReStore to buy some paint and maybe scavenge for some used cabinets to install in our strange dining area.  If you haven't checked out a ReStore before, get it on your to-do list asap. ReStore is a Habitat for Humanity home improvement center that is open to the public. They accept donations of appliances, furniture, sinks, cabinets, light fixtures and pretty much everything else you can imagine needing for your home or apartment, and then resell it to the public for a fraction of the cost. All of their proceeds go to support the construction of Habitat homes within their community. Not only do you get to reuse and recycle by frequenting your ReStore, but you are also shopping local. Click here to find a ReStore near you!

3) Finally, I'm hoping to really get to work on creating some homemade art for our guest room. We're trying to focus on using calm, relaxing colors throughout the room. Mostly blues and greens, with splashes of sunshine yellow to keep things interesting. So far we've purchased this piece from Ikea on a Portland trip and I put together a fun little beach rocks piece for the bedside table, but the walls need some more color. I'm thinking some more fabric wall art like the set in our living room and maybe some of the super popular text art in the mood of the "Keep Calm" prints that keep popping up everywhere.

If we make it through all of that I will be truly surprised, but I like going in with a big goal and seeing if I can meet it. See you all on Tuesday!

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