A little piece of heaven: Simple Beach Vase

For me, no other place compares to the coast of the Pacific Northwest. The scenery is breathtaking, the air always cool and sharp with the smell of the ocean, and you never have to worry about sunburns or swimsuits.

Last October we spent five days on the Olympic Peninsula, relaxing and exploring (and if I'm honest, getting thoroughly wet, we were tent camping in the rainiest place in the US after all).  During our trip I decided that I wanted to capture just a bit of the almost surreal peace that I always feel at the coast and bring it back to live at our house. So here's what I did. I gathered up some round beach stones and some driftwood from one of the beaches we visited and mixed it all together in a simple vase from Ikea. It was the perfect memento from the trip and makes a great little art piece for our guest room bedside table.
Rock and driftwood beaches have always been a favorite of mine and the beaches on the Olympic Peninsula certainly didn't disappoint. We were even blessed with a rare sunny day on our first visit!

 Alright, so maybe not perfectly sunny, but I think this partial sun was quite a feat for the peninsula to accomplish and after spending the night with a river running through our tent, we were thankful. And yes, that is me showing off the two driftwood "knots" that I found for our vase.

P.S. We got the picture behind the vase from Ikea also for only $10! And the bedside table, which is a yard sale find of my MIL's, is actually an antique sewing table complete with a really awesome thread storage system. Gotta love multi-purpose furniture!

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